It's time to get started.

How important is God’s Word to you? Do you read the Bible daily? Here are 5 reasons you should read your Bible today:  It contains God’s will for your life, It nourishes your soul, It gives discernment, It instructs in righteousness, It’s full of God’s promises. Why not read your Bible today?
Below are some resources to help you get started.

YouVersion Bible App

The YouVersion Bible App has hundreds of Bible reading plans to choose from. It's a great way to get the Bible into everyday life. With the YouVersion Bible App, you can read, watch, listen, and share on your smartphone or tablet, and online at 

The Bible Recap Reading Plan

The Bible Recap is a chronological reading plan with a short daily podcast hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble. The podcast summarizes that day’s Bible reading in a casual, easy to understand way. The Bible Recap will not only help you read scripture but help you love reading it!

Chronological Reading Plan

These readings are compiled according to recent historical research, taking into account the order in which the recorded events actually occurred.  You can download a copy of this plan below or access a chronological plan using the YouVersion Bible app.

52 week Reading Plan

Read through the Bible in a year with each day of the week dedicated to a different genre: epistles, the law, history, Psalms, poetry, prophecy, and Gospels. You can download a copy of  this plan below.

Navigator 5x5x5 Reading Plan

Read through the New Testament in a year, reading Monday to Friday. Weekends are set aside for reflection. Especially beneficial if you’re new to a daily discipline of Bible reading. You can download a copy of this plan below.

5 Day per week Reading Plan

Read through the Bible in a year with readings five days a week. You can read through the whole Bible chronologically or just the New Testament chronologically. You can download a copy of this plan below.